The Software Systems Delivery Minefield

I'm starting a blog category talking around the aforementioned Software Systems Delivery Minefield (SSDM) and how to avoid getting your legs blown off.

SSDM is not to be confused with SSADM, a development methodology devised by the UK Government in the 1980's. This aimed to improve the reliability and predictability of IT systems development for Government use, and was the outstanding success that any experienced software developer could have predicted.

The scope of the SSDM blogs are as follows:

  • software systems, not just isolated programs;
  • covering the full lifecycle, from inception through development and delivery, to operation;
  • taking the viewpoint of testers, developers and the project manager;
  • limited to a team size from 2-10 people; and
  • technology-agnostic, trying not to prescribe a specific technology but rather enable the reader to form a view on what properties of their candidate technologies make them likely to either help or hinder.

I hope to be able to pass on some of the lessons I've learned and show a few of my scars
(in tasteful locations only) and would be interested in others' feedback on their experiences.

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