Asian Lives Matter - Uber Eats edition

Item number n+1 in the black-in-Asian violence saga, from Washington D.C. last Tuesday:

In case the video (1m 26 seconds) is removed, a summary:

  • (0:00) Two people are in the car; orange hoodie person in the passenger seat; Mohammad is outside and wrestling the person in driver's seat for control of the steering wheel
  • (0:17) Mohammad exclaims "It's my car!"
  • (0:19) Car accelerates away, Mohammad still clinging on
  • (0:28) Squeal of brakes as car attempts to make a sharp right, sound of collision
  • (0:31) Camera holder frantically sprints up the road
  • (0:49) First view of the car, on its side (driver-side down, passenger-side up) in front of a parking garage.
  • (0:52) Orange-clad person exits car from the top
  • (0:56) First view of Mohammad, sprawled next to railings; military-camo people appearing on scene
  • (0:58) Dreadlocked girl climbing out of top of car, camo'd person helping her down. Camera person or someone close saying "They stole the car! that girl!"
  • (1:06) Orange hoodie and Dreadlocks moving away from car; Mohammad still sprawled and unmoving
  • (1:10) Military-sounding person: "I'm going to need everybody step back from the car!"
  • (1:12) Orange hoodie woman: "My phone is in there!" SHE IS FOUR FEET AWAY FROM THE DEAD BODY OF MOHAMMAD, FOR F*CK'S SAKE!
  • (1:25) General scene control, lools like someone in a blue+red jacket is moving towards Mohammad - intent to help him? Not clear.

Local news is reporting that the two carjacking girls are 13 and 15 and now are charged with murder. Astonishingly, they do not look at all like white supremacists. Mohammad, age 66, immigrated with his family from Pakistan in 2014, in search of a better life in the USA. A GoFundme page by the family has raised $190K so far, but that's still way short of compensation for losing the family's breadwinner.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has conspiciously failed to tweet about this carjack murder of a minority member of the public. I guess Mohammad was the wrong kind of minority.

I repeat my previous opinion - where the heck do Democratic lawmakers think this is going to end? Middle-Eastern, South Asia, Chinese, Korean, and South-East Asians in the USA are witnessing a sustained attack on their elders and livelihoods (beauty supply store in Houston, TX) from a very specific and identifiable sector of society. You think they're not going to act? Their actions might be subtle, but they're going to be very definite. If the government isn't going to protect them, they sure as heck will protect themselves.