24 Hours in A+E: the blunt truth edition

This should be interesting - a Wednesday, 10am start. As close to a "normal" week day as you can get. What trade comes through Kings outside the weekend stab/alcohol window?

Firas wanted to be a doctor ever since he had his tonsils out at age 5. Perhaps he wanted to get his own back. Now he's a consultant in A+E, so he's probably paid his dues. His first patient was a 59 year old male, overweight, flushed face and chest with chest pain and a history of heart problems. Bingo, likely heart attack in progress (notable that the ambulance crew brought him in along with a couple of feet of ECG trace so they were thinking the same thing). He's clearly not a believer in sugar-coating things, rather preferring to tell you exactly how bad it's going to be (and daring you to run away). But refreshing that he was open to admitting to Reg, his second patient, that he'd promised to make him better, hadn't yet, but would bust a gut to make it happen. Sounds like his father was ballsy - getting Firas and his brother evacuated from Kuwait in 1990, when he couldn't be evacuated himself, and telling them "chin up and cheer up" as they boarded the coach to leave. If I was in a bad state in A+E, I'd be pretty happy with Firas as my consultant. For the rest of the hospital, hmmm... they seemed to take a lot of chasing by Firas ("I'm going to be blunt, if this man does not get exploratory surgery, he's going to die") before they moved into action. Reg wasn't just knocking on Death's door, he was ringing the bell and chucking gravel up at the window. But he was a pretty ballsy guy too, making a Bogart joke with consultant Andre as he OK'd the life-or-death operation. But they didn't find anything wrong when they opened him up, so what was wrong? Best guess was insulin overdose, but you can never be sure.

Richard had twisted his knee moonwalking (showing off, reading between the lines). Pity his poor younger brother Jake who got to look after him. He was bragging about dating a Kings gynaecologist, which I can only imagine resulted from an overenthusiastic affirmative action policy hiring doctors who are clinically blind -- and deaf. He's pursuing Cheryl Cole, and I leave all the obvious rejoinders to the audience. The triage nurse had his number, telling Jake to do the opposite of everything his brother told him.

Junior doctor Dom looked about 16. Crap, I'm getting old.

Towards the closing of the episode was another stab wound - fit young man, on hi-flo O2, leaving a small spot of blood on the trolley sheet where his left lung would have been; police officer hovering nearby. FFS.

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