Taking your job title too seriously

What would you expect Lloyds bank's Head of Fraud to do?

Jessica Harper abused her position at Lloyds Banking Group over a four-year period between 2007 and 2011.
The former head of fraud and security for online digital banking submitted false invoices to claim £2,463,750.88 before laundering part of the proceeds buying property for her family.
Oopsie. Bit of a black mark for whoever promoted her, then.

Strangely, the article is silent on any consequences for Lloyds management letting this lady roll in the trough for four years.

Sue Patten, head of the Crown Prosecution Service, Central Fraud Division, said: 'Jessica Harper has today been convicted of the type of crime the bank employed her to combat.
'The evidence in the case was clear and left Harper with little choice but to plead guilty. In doing so, she has admitted to a huge breach of trust against her former employer.
Wonder if Lloyds has ever heard of "Trust, but verify"?

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