Kicking a man when he's down

It must have been rather disheartening for the late Osama bin Laden to hear the helicopters hovering next to his compound, the bark of rifle fire and the bangs of breaching charges, and realise that he was going to meet his maker without ever seeing the prospect of the Caliphate restored. Still, win some, lose some.

What must really irk him is that now anyone with $325 can re-enact the Operation Neptune's Spear raid in a paintball game:

... once enough adrenaline is flowing the participants are lead to confront terrorist Osama bin Laden in his secret hideout - which also doubles up as a bare room in Sealed Mindset's 10,000-square-foot studio.
Weapons poised, the Navy SEALS boot in the door and then kill Osama bin Laden in reign [sic] of bullets - paintballs.
I note two widely-smiling un-burka'd women toting M-16s and AR-15s in the article photos. That's really rubbing salt in the wound, no?

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