Next time you read someone in The Grauniad calling British society "racist"...

...think back to 11th August when tens of thousands of British sports fans cheered a young man born in Somalia over the finish line of the 5000 metres run, rose to their feet as a Jamaican sprinter team crashed their way through a world record, and cheered both Mo Farah and Usain Bolt as they clowned it up on the victory podium.

A special mention to Dutch judo bronze Edith Bosch who, enraged by a lout throwing a bottle onto the track behind the 100m men's finalists punched out the offender after which he was thrown out of the stadium and arrested:

"Some drunk in front of me throws a bottle onto the track!! I hit him … Unbelievable," she said, adding the hashtags "angry" and "norespect".
She revealed in her next tweet that she had missed the race in the commotion: "Dammit ... and I missed the 100m! What a BEEP".
This is one aspect of "the new civility" which I feel we should encourage.

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