Progressive Insurance should have hired The Equalizer

As recounted by Da Tech Guy, one awful, tragic traffic accident has resulted in Progressive Insurance getting kicked forcefully in the nuts courtesy of The Internet. In this situation, The Internet has become Edward Woodward:

Control: I always admired your powers of deduction.
Robert McCall: Thank you. Which brings me to the main thing still to be resolved.
Control: Which is?
Robert McCall: Why the hell you lied to me!
Control: It's what I do for a living, Robert.

Matt Fisher's sister had a Progressive Insurance policy. Matt's sister was killed in a traffic accident. Progressive Insurance defended Matt's sister's killer in order to avoid paying out on the policy. Since Matt's sister's killer was found guilty by a jury, I expect Progressive to finally cough up the 2/3 of the policy payout that they've been hanging on to. Nevertheless, their desperate rearguard action here smacks of a firm that would rather pay their lawyers than their policyholders.

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