This woman has never played with a cat

"Sure, I'll go into that enclosure with two cheetahs that are bigger than me, what could possibly go wrong?".

Mrs. Violet D'Mello is now no doubt looking up the definition of "wild animal" in a dictionary. I have to say though, kudos to husband Archie whose photos of cheetahs chewing Violet's head were quite stunning. I hope the DM paid well, because I'm fairly sure he'll be sleeping on the couch for a while.

Anyone who has been owned by a cat will recognise the situation; there you are stroking the animal's fur when suddenly it lays its ears back, wraps paws around your arm and tries to chew your hand off. This is why petting six-foot-long cats is a bad idea, m'kay?


'We love animals and especially cats as we've had some of our own.I worried about the little children being so close to the cheetahs but I never imagined for a moment they would attack an adult.'
(facepalm) This lady needs a better imagination. Still, live and learn.

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