The ambassador to the Malvinas is at it again

Argentina's ambassador to the UK, Alicia Castro appears to be in the UK for the sole purpose of stirring the pot with regards to the Falklands. Does she ever do anything else?

This time, the appeal to history having failed, she has the islanders' "best interests" at heart:

Ms Castro said: "Is it rational that a small community, in the name of very particular wishes and interests, are against any dialogue?
"Does it make sense that because they are not regarding the interests of the 60 million British people, they are not regarding the interests of the 30 million people in Argentina and they are not regarding their best interests, which would no doubt be better preserved if they were linked to the continent?"
Well, Alicia my heart, it may or may not be rational or make sense. However, because the UK believes in the right of the Falkland Islanders to self-determination they are totally free to make irrational or nonsensical choices as they wish.

Talking of which, it was very sweet of you to offer educational aid to the islands:

Describing the islands as a "colonial enclave", she said her government would send teachers to the islands to teach Spanish
One can only imagine the textbooks they would use. Perhaps we could also get some INDEC statisticians to explain how to measure national inflation in the islands' high school maths classes?

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