To have and to hold, to love and to stab

Even Jesus himself would surely be impressed at the "turn the other cheek" actions of Gregory Todd, who proposed to the woman who sank a kitchen knife deep into his back:

Outside the courtroom, Mr Todd said he accepted the judge had to send Baillie to prison and praised him for his leniency.
He said he was not allowed to go down into the cells at Hull Crown Court to show her the ring.
But he said his barrister took it to Baillie and he was relieved to be told that it fitted her.

How sweet... Perhaps it was mostly an accident?

The jury was told how Mr Todd suffered serious injuries, including damage to his colon, a kidney and his pancreas, after Baillie plunged a kitchen knife into his back, probably while he was asleep on a bed.
Oh, perhaps not.

I'd like to wish Gregory and Tiffany every happiness together (once Tiffany is freed from her 3 year sentence for GBH with intent). What could possibly go wrong?

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