A bad case of crabs

What would be your instinctive reaction upon encountering a 15lb crab measuring 15 inches across? You would consider the future of humankind and immediately deploy a large sledgehammer on the beast's carapace, surely?

Not Weymouth Sea Life Aquarium, who happily fly these monsters halfway around the world to show them off to the British public:

Rob Hicks, head marine biologist for Sea Life, said: "They are such impressive creatures we thought that it was worth the cost and effort of flying them half-way round the world to so they can flourish in an aquarium display."
Hmm, "flourish". That sounds to me very much like "grow even larger". What's wrong with you, man? Haven't you seen the movies?

Readers of a nervous disposition are advised not to view the Daily Mail article on the crab where the perspective makes the crustacean seem over a metre across. You're going to need a bucket of melted butter to tackle that.

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