Talk about bearding the lion...

Alicia Castro, the new Argentine Ambassador to the UK, decides to open her posting by writing an article in the Telegraph declaring that she's fully in favour of jaw-jaw rather than war-war:

My extensive experience, first in the trade union movement, then in parliament and as a diplomat has made me a strong advocate of dialogue and positive negotiations.
and then begins her argument:
The sovereignty dispute between Argentina and the UK is 179 years old. It dates from the time that Great Britain – in much the same way it invaded Buenos Aires in 1806 and 1807 without success – invaded and took the Malvinas Islands by force in 1833.
Oh dear, Alicia. You were doing so well up until then.

Strangely, with all the talk of militarisation and invasion, she only refers tangentially to the war in 1982. Why might that be?

Commentator John DeVries has a solution for Ms. Castro:

Rest assured, as long as Britain remains in the Falklands, the islanders will never attack Argentina or flood it with mutton.
Such is our respect for your country we don't even want payment for this service. We're going to drill for the oil which is in the area, sell it and pay for everything ourselves.
Appoint that man to the post of UK Ambassador to Argentina.

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