The printer won't scan...

...it's out of ink.

James Lileks (if you're not a regular reader of his Bleats, what's wrong with you?) produces a fantastic Bleat on the subject of his Kodak printer's mutinous refusal to scan:

The only reason the scanner wouldn’t work was because the people who designed it, under orders from management, entered some code that bricked the machine unless you bought more ink.
We all know this. We all know that printers are cheap things designed to sell ink. What surprises me is why printer companies willingly and intentionally make devices they know will make people hate their brands. It’s suicidal.
Read the whole thing.

If we are ever truly going to get to the paperless home or paperless office, I fear much of the progress will be directly attributable to this kind of bloody-minded petty penny-grabbing short-term blind stupidity of the printer companies. When they finally go bankrupt and sink into the mud it will be under the weight of millions of customers dancing on their graves.

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