Sony has no balls

Sony increased the price of two Whitney Houston albums after her death last Sunday, and now Sony claims the price increase was a mistake:

In a statement, Sony said the albums had been "mistakenly mispriced".
It added the error was "immediately corrected" once it had been discovered.

If you believe that, I've got a bridge I'd like you to buy.

What's so distressing about this isn't the price increase, it's Sony's failure to stand behind a bit of red-blooded capitalism. A Sony spokesperson should have said something like the following:

We realised that the surge in interest in Whitney's music following her tragic and untimely death was an opportunity we would have been irresponsible to miss. We therefore raised the price of her recent albums by £3 in order to maximise the amount of money which would find its way to her bereaved family (after suitable deductions to cover the cost of our CEO's next golfing holiday in Hawaii).

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