Defending London Midland

"How does it feel having those words come out of your mouth?" "Like ashes."

An unfortunate gentleman decides to end it all by jumping in front of a train at Selly Oak, and London Midland tweets:

Go to the pub - things will be rubbish for at least the next hour
and later:
When another commuter asked if the victim was OK, the train worker tweeted ‘nope’ and then said to another user: ‘Can’t stop someone jumping off a platform in front of a train I’m afraid.’

Cue outrage at the "insensitivity" from the usual suspects.

While I yield to no-one in my general poor disposition towards London "asleep at the switch" Midland, I'm actually with them on this one. It's not their fault that the guy jumped, and they can't do anything to speed up the clean-up, so the advice of going to the pub is probably the best idea going.

I very much doubt the dead chap's family and friends much care about what London Midland is tweeting. Anyone else expressing faux outrage should consider that the jumper stuck London Midland with this situation, and they're just making the best of a bad job.

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