OMG! Technology and paedos!

In an article perilously close to jumping the shark, the Daily Mail has a conniption fit about geo-tagged photos. All a paedophile has to do is search for images of children, check their geotags, and then they know where these (randomly selected) children live! Surely this must be the end of society as we know it!

The article explains the crawling horror of technology:

The location information could be used to locate a child's home based on information publicly available on Flickr,' explains Kuzma.
'Publishing geolocation data raises concerns about privacy and security of children. Personalised information is available to internet users who may have dubious reasons for accessing this data.'
Heaven forbid! We must disable all geotags immediately! Doing this will mean that paedophiles actually have to walk down the street and observe footballs / swings / trampled plants / play-tents in gardens to determine houses where children live.

Personally, I'd locate a survivalist compound in rural Texas and amend the geo-tags on my photos to that location. That should thin out the paedophile ranks a little.

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