Just a load of hot air

Hurrah! People are taking a stand against high gas prices! I take it they want to start drilling for shale gas all over the country?

Oh, maybe not quite:

Hannah Edler, a 27-year-old protester, said: "We could have a fairer system where our energy is owned by communities who decide how it is priced and produced."
Luckily we already have this arrangement. Gazprom's network of cronies could be one of those communities, for instance. Or, if you want somewhere closer to home, BP owns rights to more local gas fields..

What I think she's asking for is for the Government to parcel out electricity, gas and oil supplies from some set of magic pots (nuclear, windfarm, shale, oil sands, Saudi wells) to local communities, who will then decide what price to sell energy in each category depending on how bad for the environment or human rights each source might be.

What could possibly go wrong?

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