The ex-Archbish gets it

After the benefits cap got torpedoed by the House of Lords including a number of bishops, we actually get the Archbishop of Canterbury taking a moral lead. OK, it's the ex-Archbishop, Lord/Dr. Carey, but any port in a storm.

He hits the nail on the head noting that IDS is trying to reform a welfare system which is "fuelling vices and impoverishing us all".

He even laid into the bishops specifically, warning them about the danger of poverty of aspiration, which is not a theme I've heard in many sermons but is still very Biblical. Nice to see him laying out the downside of leaving things as they are, instead of just focusing on the downside of change. Guardian columnists take note (Polly Toynbee, I'm looking at you, and it's not a pleasant sight).

Props to you, George. Now light a fire under Rowan's beard and get him moving outside his comfort zone.

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