Greg Smith finally re-emerges

Ex-Goldman salesman Greg Smith has finally completed his book about life in Goldman Sach and publisher Grand Central is releasing it on 22nd October:

"Many people on Main Street distrust Wall Street right now, yet few can put their finger on why," Jamie Raab, publisher of Grand Central, said in a statement. "Greg Smith’s candid account of his years at Goldman Sachs does just that."
It has taken 6 months to write; either Greg is a two-finger typist, or (I suspect more likely) the Grand Central lawyers have been through the proofs with a fine tooth comb and a stack of red ink...

They're certainly not short on hype;

Grand Central considers the book a potential successor to "Liar's Poker"
I bet they do... I look forward to ordering my copy, and will endeavour to provide you, dear readers, with my thoughts on Greg Smith and whether he can hold a candle to Michael Lewis.

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