From time to time it is necessary to read the sentencing remarks of a judge

...to remind oneself how difficult, and how serious, their profession can be. The sentencing of Sarah Catt for aborting a near-term baby make me get down on my knees, thank God I didn't go into the legal profession, and thank Mr. Justice Cooke for taking on a task which few sober people would envy:

What you did was to end the life of a child that was presumptively capable of being born alive, by inducing birth or miscarriage. I am not able to accept anything much that you have told others about what occurred but I bear in mind all that has been said on your behalf in mitigation, in particular the fact that you are a good parent to your 2 children. However, but for the drugs intentionally taken, there is no reason to believe that you would not have been delivered of a healthy boy. Had he been born safely within a matter of days, and had you killed him after birth, you would be facing a charge of murder. Had that been the case you would have faced life imprisonment and I would have to set a minimum term to be served in prison with a starting point of 15 years, less discount for the plea and any mitigating factors.
Read the whole thing, courtesy of Jack of Kent. For sure we have out-of-touch, barking mad and near-criminally incompetent judges and magistrates, but Mr. Justice Cooke does not appear to be among them.

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