Gloucestershire engineering

Chas Fellows from Gloucestershire County Council is an economic illiterate. He's going to put solar panels on the roofs of county council buildings and make money! It could save up to £6.5mm over the next four years! What's not to like?

Hang on, isn't the break-even for solar in the UK, with the current subsidy, 10-12 years? It couldn't possibly be that the esteemed Cllr. Fellows is completely ignoring the capital cost of installing the panels, can it?

So what does Chas (Conservative, Environment and Economy) say?

"Times are tough at the moment."
"We're doing everything we can to save money and find funds to protect services for the most vulnerable."
"This scheme has the added benefit of producing green electricity and creating some local jobs."
Yeeeees, Chas, are you familiar with the concept that jobs are a cost, not a benefit? How, exactly, are you saving money when you have to pony up for all the capital costs for the panels and their installation? And what, exactly, does "green electricity" look like?

One of the costs which I bet they haven't anticipated is going to be the need to employ people to go clean all the pigeon crap off the solar panels every week. And this is Gloucestershire, which is not exactly famed for sunshine... Chas Fellows, you do seem to be a pillock of the first order. I guess it's not your money, though, so you don't care?

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