Naming and shaming - BAE Systems

Some moderately appalling behaviour at the individual and corporate level with BAE Systems employees slandering the Medal of Honor-winning marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer. While consulting for BAE Systems he expressed his objection to BAE Systems planning to sell thermal optic scopes to Pakistan, pointing out that this would give the Pakistan army (and therefore, in short order via ISI help, the Taliban) better scopes than the American forces over the border in Afghanistan.

The reaction of his supervisor McCreight was a classic "play the man, not the ball" tactic, claiming that Meyer had a drink problem, and worse:

Sgt Meyer's lawsuit alleges that Mr McCreight "berated and belittled" him after he objected to the sale.
Mr McCreight mocked his Medal of Honor nomination as "pending star status" and took exception when he went on a business trip for a more senior boss.
Just for that comment about the MoH nomination, McCreight deserves to have every soldier who passes by his house take a leak in his front yard. McCreight is not fit to tie the shoes of a man like Dakota Meyer, or Leroy Petry, or Salvatore Giunta (which I'm sure feeds a huge inferiority complex).

Now I'm not blaming BAE Systems for employing assholes like McCreight; I'm sure he's not the worst employee of BAE Systems either. What I note in their response is that they don't even try to deny or justify the sale that Meyer objected to. For sure you can't stop your weapons ending up in the hands of undesirables if they're determined enough, but you could at least bloody well try not to make it easy for them.

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