Remedial education on citizenship needed for New York's Mayor

New NYC mayor Bill de Blasio managed an outstanding line as part of his State of the City address:

Guess what, Bill? The reason why nearly all those voices go "unheard" is that they are not allowed to vote in federal, state and city elections because - shock!- they are not US citizens and so they have no voting rights because they are guests of the country. This, incidentally, is not restricted to indocumentados; even the "Green Card" holders, documented permanent residents of the USA, cannot vote. This is a perfectly reasonable position; you don't give a dinner guest in your house approval rights over the choice of curtain patterns.

Bill de Blasio's focus on "undocumented" New Yorkers, however, is disingenuous in the extreme - he clearly prioritises the Democratic-sympathising "undocumented" non-citizens over the privately employed (hence Republican-leaning) "documented" non-citizens, despite the indisputable fact that the latter have real Social Security numbers and pay federal, state and city income taxes, unlike the former.

New York, pay attention: de Blasio is far more interested in adding to the Democrat base rather than any kind of "sufferage justice". He's a grade A self-interested weasel.

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