Autocompleting Keith Vaz

This was amusing in a puerile sense: MP Keith Vaz backing the Daily Mail in trying to remove offensive Google autocomplete search results:

The search engine was found to be making crude and offensive suggestions when users typed in 'Why is' followed by the name of a city. For example, if a user typed in the phrase 'Why is Bradford...' the site automatically suggested the search 'Why is Bradford so full of P****.' Typing in the phrase with Leicester and Birmingham also produced similar results.
Offensive, certainly; and Leicester MP Keith Vaz wasn't amused:
'I am shocked these search options come up. It is totally unacceptable and I will be raising this matter in Parliament'
Apparently these results come up based on what users select, so presumably a lot of people in the UK have a rather slanted view of Leicester. I had a scout through other cities; the best result I found was "why is norwich inbred", and I was disappointed that "why is milton keynes" didn't autocomplete to "full of roundabouts".

I wondered what Google autocomplete search thought of Keith Vaz:

Oh. Fair enough, I guess.

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