Piers Morgan redefining hypocrisy

Following the awful fatal machete attack on a soldier in Woolwich today there have been the predictable comments coming from the pro-gun contingent that stripping society of firearms did not seem to provide much protection for the poor guy who was run down and then machete'd to death. I'm in two minds about this claim - I can't see how even ubiquitous firearms access would have stopped the soldier being run down by the car, and the initial attack with the machete was so surprising that the guy would have likely been dead before anyone could respond. On the other hand, we would have been spared the two alleged murderers wandering around for 20 minutes, preaching to people and waving their blood-stained hands until the police managed to get a firearms unit together.

Anyway, uber-git Piers Morgan got into a Twitter spat with pro-gun Dana Loesch who asked:

Was the guy with the machete a member of the NRA? Asking for a friend.
It was slightly tasteless, but harked back to Piers Morgan's past few months of suggesting that NRA members were just as guilty for mass shootings as Adam Lanza et al.

Piers, of course, wasn't taking this lying down and blustered:

This might have worked better, however, if Dana hadn't remembered why Piers Morgan got fired as the editor of the Daily Mirror: That's right, Piers: you were fired because the paper of which you were editor ran a story based on faked photos suggesting that British soldiers were abusing an Iraqi man. If that didn't fire up the blood of people like the machete wielders and make them think that British soldiers were their enemies and deserving of death, I'd be quite surprised. Projecting much, Piers?

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