A new technique in bomb disposal

Courtesy of the Daily Mail, writing about two morons carrying off 120mm shells from a beach in Dorset:

Ticking time bombs! 'Idiotic' pair pick up unexploded 2ft bombs that washed ashore - to 'sell them for scrap metal'
MoD urgently appeals for duo to contact them so they can diffuse bombs
Thank goodness for the years of study that the Daily Mail subs must have put in. Presumably the EOD officers will put the rusty shells in a tank of water and let them flake off and randomly move through the water until the shells have completely disintegrated.

Image original in case they fix it:

I agree with the point of the article, however. It's not clear to me whether they are 105mm or 120mm shells, but if someone starts banging on them with a hammer then it's not going to make too much of a difference; if the shell isn't inert, they'll be spread pretty thinly over their house walls (which will be spread across their neighbours' gardens).

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