Foxworthy had it right, but wrong country

Jeff Foxworthy ("You might be a redneck if...") in early 1996:

The Olympics in Georgia... God, you know we're gonna screw that up... Hell, the Olympic rings will be five old tires nailed together.
He could have equally well been talking about London 2012. On our first opportunity to make an impression on foreign athletes, what happens?
The opening of a special 'Olympic Lane' today was meant to help athletes and VIPs make the 45-minute journey from Heathrow Airport to Stratford in effortless ease.
Try telling that to US hurdler Kerron Clement, who tweeted his frustration this morning after he was left stranded in traffic for four hours when his bus driver got lost en route to the Olympic Village.

Even once they'd made it to the village, their travails weren't over:

USA Track and Field confirmed the American athletes were heading to the Village just to pick up their accreditation before travelling to their pre-Games training camp in Birmingham.
Birmingham? We're hosting our American cousins in a slightly warmer version of the South Side of Chicago?

Still, at least the driver found a road where he could drive legally. No such comfort in Southampton Row where the new Olympic lane makes it impossible for any non-Olympic non-bus driver to proceed.

The closer we get to these games, the more I think it's going to go horrifically wrong.

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