The canonical Daily Mail food article

The story of Sara Agintas and her weight gain is truly wonderous to behold.

  • Unemployed layabout: check
  • Parent of many children by several fathers: check
  • Overweight: check, check, check
  • Drinking to excess: check ("it's fine to drink 50 units per week while pregnant, I just dilute it with ice")
  • Housed at taxpayer expense: check
  • Bonus marks for falling through the stairs of her house and requiring the council to reinforce them
  • Spending huge amounts of benefit money on food: check
  • Teenaged mom: check (first pregnant at 17)
  • Demands large amounts of taxpayer money for medical treatment: check

'I can’t afford a personal trainer or weight-loss surgery – I need help from the taxpayer. I know it's my fault I'm fat, but my pregnancy cravings meant I couldn’t stop eating,' she told Closer.
Read the full interview in this week's Closer magazine on sale now
News article trailing a magazine feature: check.

There's no direct link to rising house prices, to be fair, so I think it's still just possible for another Daily Mail article to top this; however, it will be hard to beat.

Looking at the photo in the article, I can't help but feel sorry for that sofa.

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