Bullet-proof vests only get you so far

It seems that the French RAID have managed to prevent a long and tedious trial and confinement of the demented Mohammed Merah. Possibly the best result all around, except perhaps for M'sieur Merah. Props to the RAID sniper who managed the shot at what must have been at best a fleeting target, given that Merah was climbing out of the window.

If any of Merah's compatriots are thinking about organising something similar, might I recommend some form of large and sturdy hat. It probably won't stop a high-velocity jacketed round, but might keep most of the bits more or less together for later return to the skull post-mortem.

[I didn't realise until now that the French National Police had their own special forces units (RAID within Paris, GIPN outside) in addition to the Gendamerie's better-known GIGN. Live and learn. Or not, in the case of Merah.]

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