Fake Charity - School Food Trust

With thanks to The Devil who popularised the Fake Charity meme, a bit of Sunday afternoon charity accounts digging.

Occasioned by this BBC article on school lunches I had a look at the accounts for the School Food Trust which show that in 2010 they received £15m from the Department for Children, Schools and Families (or whatever they call themselves this week, currently "The Department for Education") and £5m from the Big Lottery Fund, comprising over 98% of their income. You'll note the grand total of £0 raised from voluntary donations. This makes them the epitome of fake charities.

Of the Board, Judy Hargadon trousered a minimum of £95k while her fellow directors managed sums in the £60k-75k range. There were also substantial pension contributions made. Nice work if you can get it. About £2.2m was spent on marketing. Looking at the Board members' interests, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the "grants" being made to regional councils by the "charity" didn't end up being used to purchase services or materials from the Board members' associated companies.

I suppose we can't complain about the Lottery fund pissing away money on whatever it wants, but next time someone tells you that you that "education cuts" are going to hit "the cheeeeldren", ask them how spending £10m on these bottom-feeding scum buckets in Aeron chairs helps education.

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