Accountability - are you really sure?

Seems like that nice Mr. Barroso wants to make individual criminal responsibility for financial players recognised in European law. I think that this is a fantastic idea, but suspect that Barroso has not fully thought this through.

I'd start off with anyone involved in accepting Greece's national accounts for the purpose of approving their entry to the Euro. I'd add in the French, German, Italian and Spanish governments for repeated and aggravated crimes of kicking-the-can-down-the-road, blaming-the-messenger and failure-to-do-basic-arithmetic. Olli Rehn gets a special mention here. Within the UK I'd happily indict Adam Applegarth of Northern Rock and Andy Hornby of HBOS in addition to the infamous Fred the Shred; but let's not forget the senior staff members of the FSA who did such a sterling job in supervising these institutions.

Any more suggestions?

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