Celebrating equality

I'm a little baffled why Jody McIntyre is complaining about being dragged from his wheelchair and hit with a baton by police at the student protests earlier this year. Surely, if you believe in equal rights for the disabled (and Hopper does) you should believe in their entitlement to receive the same amount of police beatings as the able-bodied?

This is of course the same Jody who decided to tweet during the riots this month:
Be inspired by the scenes in #tottenham, and rise up in your own neighbourhood. 100 people in every area = the way we can beat the feds.
I know the police are often accused of dragging their feet, but you can't fault them for that here - they got the punishment correct in advance.

[Really, Jody, "feds"? I mean, what generation do you think you are?]

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