2016 US election prediction

It's less than 24 hours before we'll have a good idea whether Hillary Clinton has made it to the 270 electoral college votes needed to secure the presidency to which she clearly believes she's entitled. At this stage, although I wouldn't write off Trump, I'd have to say that Hillary is likely to make it. Her Get-Out-The-Vote ground game is much better organised than Trump's, Wikileaks and the FBI haven't landed a killer blow on her, and the media have carried water faithfully enough to keep most of her followers following. I'm sure a lot of Bernie supporters are extremely unhappy with the revelations of past weeks, but I suspect most of them will hold their noses and vote Hillary nevertheless.

Should The Donald continue his trend of confounding predictions and actually pull off an upset - winning Florida, Pennsylvania and such other states as needed to break 270 - I confidently predict the most ear- splitting snit of all times from 95% of the US media. Hillary herself might actually evaporate in a toxic plume of rage. It would be quite something to watch.

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