No cash for CASH

For those following along with our previous adventures with the prodnoses of Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) their 2014 accounts make an entertaining read, with not a little schadenfreude.

Deprived of the £100K that our friends at the Marcela Trust sent in their direction in 2013, via OMC Investments, their fairly steady expenditure rate of £150K per year is maintained this year, but since their income was £30K rather than £140K they ended up with a £120K deficit in spending, eroding their capital down to £766K. At this rate, in 6-7 more years they will be out of funds and out of luck. It seems that no-one really likes CASH or wants to give them money in any quantity - at least, not while the world is watching.

The note in the "Movement in funds" section on p.33 is amusing:

The designated fund will provide working capital to the charity to enable it to continue its unique activities whilst the trustees implement their fundraising strategy.
Yes, I'd be interested in what that strategy is going to be. Are they going to try to tap government funds in the classic fakecharity game - lobby the government to give them money to lobby the government? I'll be watching the CASH website and their subsidiary organisation Action on Sugar to see what they're up to.

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