BBC booze bill shocker

The shocker is, it's extremely reasonable:

The Corporation stated that the figure related to 'non-production related and production related spend'.
It added: 'The total spent on alcohol for the period 1st October 2013 to 26th October 2014 with the BBC's single preferred supplier Majestic Wine PLC was £43,000.'

I'm not the greatest fan of the BBC's compulsory TV licence, but I really don't think that this is worthy even of a Daily Mail throwaway article:

  • Use of bulk supplier for savings: check
  • Cost per employee per year: £2 , eminently reasonable, no reason to think this is taxpayer-funded employee booze
  • Cost per day: £130 over all channels and events. That's about 3 bottles of Veuve Clicquot NV at Sainsbury's prices. Assuming the BBC allocates half a bottle per top echelon (MP, MEP, sleb) guest, that's 6 top echelon guests per day which sounds about right.
It comes as up to 50 MPs called for the licence fee to be scrapped and replaced with a voluntary subscription service in its place.
Talk about tenuous connections. This is possibly one of the strongest signals of thrifty BBC spending there is, and you're linking it to a call for licence fee repeal? Your logic is not like our Earth logic, Daily Mail.

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