Sebelius on websites

Vast amusement from Tennessee Senator Kelsey presenting HealthCare.gov and HHS boss Kathleen Sebelius with "Websites for Dummies". Ooh, burn!

Of course, he should actually have given her Schlossnagle's "Scalable Internet Architecture":

As a developer, you are aware of the increasing concern amongst developers and site architects that websites be able to handle the vast number of visitors that flood the Internet on a daily basis. Scalable Internet Architectures addresses these concerns by teaching you both good and bad design methodologies for building new sites and how to scale existing websites to robust, high-availability websites. Primarily example-based, the book discusses major topics in web architectural design, presenting existing solutions and how they work. Technology budget tight? This book will work for you, too, as it introduces new and innovative concepts to solving traditionally expensive problems without a large technology budget.
For a mere $34, this could have saved Sebelius from an awful lot of career-ending heartache. The technology it describes is dated by a few years, but compared to the fetid mess that government IT has produced it's state of the art.

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