Oh FFS Apple

It's another lock screen security breach on the iPhone, this time in iOS 7:

The exploit can be initiated by swiping upwards on the device's lock screen to access the Control Center and open the Clock app. Once the clock app is open, holding the phone's sleep button will cause the "Slide to Power Off" option to appear. Tapping on cancel at this juncture and then double clicking on the home button will open the phone's multitasking screen, providing access to the camera and the photos on the device. The key to the trick, however, is to access the camera app from the lock screen first, causing it to appear in the recently used apps list.
This is far from the first lock screen exploit. Have Apple given up entirely on security testing? They know this is a ripe vector of exploits, and they let this through the gates. As I noted back in February for a previous lockscreen exploit:
What the flaw indicates, however, is that Apple is pressuring phone development and skimping on testing and security. This is not going to be an isolated problem.

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