Fatal buttock enhancements

In the category of "unintended consequences of medical advances", I give you the Mississippi woman who has been charged in a second death related to giving buttocks-enhancing injections without being trained or licensed:

Garner had been on house arrest awaiting trial in a similar case in the 2012 death of an Atlanta woman.
If (and it's a big, huge "if") I were looking for someone to give me a cut-price buttock enhancement injection, I might just draw the line at someone who was already under house arrest - and, no doubt, featuring in the popular press - for homicide in a similar situation. Still, what do I know?

This is obviously unfortunate for her victims, seekers of cut-price buttock pertifying which led to a probably unanticipated early exit from this mortal coil. On the other hand, think of the headstone engraver who can engrave her epitaph.

It's not all upsides on the publicity front, however:

Records show Garner was in the Hinds County Detention Center on Monday. Her attorney, John Colette, was not immediately available.
I'll bet he wasn't. Assuming that Ms. Garner is rather strapped for cash and Mr. Colette is a state-appointed defender, he's not being paid anywhere near enough to try to defend Ms. Garner in the popular press, where his name will be permanently attached to the search "silicone buttocks death", which (for me) finds this case dominating the top 20.

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