Don't cross Mrs. Justice Thirlwall

Life with a minimum of 15 years for Philpott. Ouch. Her full sentencing remarks bear reading.

Their wages and their benefits went into your account, you controlled how money was spent. Your suggestion that this was a joint account and this was a normal family arrangement was frankly ridiculous. These two young women were not even permitted to have a front door key.
It has been said on your behalf that you were a good father. Lisa Willis said so as did others. They said you loved your children. I cannot give that description to a man who acted as you did.
I accept you have lost 6 children. I very much regret that everything about you suggests that your grief has very often been simulated for the public gaze.
To reach that period I must identify the determinate sentence you would have served had I not imposed a life sentence. The determinate sentence would have been one of 30 years' imprisonment. I am required by parliament to halve that to reflect that were this a determinate sentence you would serve only half
Crikey. I'm guessing that no legal eagle is going to touch an appeal here with a 10 foot pole. I mean, where would you even start?

Incidentally, I don't get the objections to the sentence and claims that it's too short. I didn't know minimum terms for manslaughter sentences ran anywhere near that high.

Mick Philpott, when your own sister yells "Die, Mick, die" you know you have a public sympathy problem.

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