Do not meddle in the affairs of cats

Technical kudos to Dave Evans for developing a GPS tracker device for his cat's collar:

Mr Evans, 41, said the weatherproof tracker, weighing just 15g, will cost £50 and can be used for cats and dogs. He said: 'My cat was getting fat even though I was feeding him less and I needed to know what was going on.
Now I know he travels a couple of miles each day, exactly where he goes every night and who's feeding him.'
Allowing owners to track where their cats go and from which houses they get additional food? I can't imagine the feline population standing for that kind of interference. I foresee Mr. Evans coming to a sticky end, mysteriously breaking his neck while walking down the stairs. Mr. Evans - move into a bungalow post-haste, and may I advise you to trade in your cat for one of the larger varieties of canine?


  1. Not a wise move:


  2. SimonF - well, there goes my productivity today. You fiend.


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