Physicists against interpretive dance

Well, not really, but very similar. Artists against fracking:

Dear Governor Cuomo,
I have concerns about the impact of fracking upon our water, our air, and our local communities in New York State. I believe that fracking for shale gas is a danger to all New Yorkers. Please don't frack New York.
Well, I've visited Manhattan and Brooklyn, and I'd say that the only risk from fracking is a distinct improvement in the quality of the environment. Or lower power bills.

I see that noted bipolar druggie Carrie Fisher supports the cause, for instance. Well, with that level of engineering and scientific expertise, I'm convinced. Truly, "Artists against fracking" have jumped the shark. What's next? "Lawyers against nut allergies"? "Pensioners against co-sleeping"? Kittens against apartheid?

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