Damn those rich foreign students!

Oh no! University entrance standards are slipping! British universities are admitting foreign students at a lower standard than domestic students!

And exactly why are the universities overseeing this deplorable slide in standards?

Universities were accused of profiteering by rejecting tens of thousands of British teenagers, currently sitting A-levels, so they can fill places with more profitable foreign students.
Ah, the money imperative. Quelle surprise. But what's this?
Universities say that even the new £9,000-a-year tuition fees for British and European Union students do not cover their costs, and they need to turn to foreigners who are charged 50 per cent more.
It seems that stopping this slide in standards is going to result in either more taxpayers' money going to the universities to support domestic students (yeah, that's going to happen) or fees rising for said domestic students. Oopsie.

I'd bet this is one subject that any self-preserving politician won't touch with a bargepole. Any MP who grandstands about the issue clearly has no intention or prospect of serving in a government in the next decade.

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